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Toronto Psychotherapy & Wellness Counselling

Welcome! I’m Liz, a Toronto therapist who set out in 2014 to build a career centered on helping others lead happier and more fulfilling lives. Whether you’re coping with emotional pain, feeling stressed in your work or home life, getting over a relationship, or struggling with high self-expectations, my goal is to offer you a compassionate space where you can catch your breath and start regaining a sense of direction for your life.

What Can You Expect From Therapy?

Therapy is an individual process of self-discovery, healing, and transformation that will vary from person to person. Through our work together, the aim is to uncover what this process means for you. This can often involve re-examining significant past experiences that helped shape who you are today, identifying the changes you would like to see, and pinpointing the obstacles holding you back. Some common goals that bring people to therapy may include:


  • Getting unstuck and finding a meaningful direction for your life.

  • Learning strategies to reduce stress and anxiety and feel less overwhelmed.

  • Creating healthy boundaries in your relationships and improving social connection.

  • Navigating professional challenges and establishing a satisfying work-life balance.

  • Building confidence and self-esteem and fostering personal growth.

  • Adapting to change and difficult life transitions.

  • Coping with feelings of depression, discouragement, or uncertainty.


The common thread is often that something about the status quo isn’t working, and we’re looking for a change. As with most meaningful and impactful changes we introduce into our lives, the journey can be bumpy, challenging, and at times frustrating. It’s also incredibly enriching, rewarding, and well worth it if we stick with it and see where it takes us.

Why Work With Me?

Simply put, what you see is what you get. When you walk into my office or connect with me over video, you can expect a sincere interaction with another human being who sees you, the person, not a collection of symptoms or problems. Over the years I’ve found that therapy’s power to heal and transform is truly unlocked when it comes from a place that’s real, and you can expect nothing short of full authenticity and candidness from our work together.

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